Herbie at the Pyramids

After a long drive across the Egyptian Sahara Desert, we eventually reached Cairo and one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World: The Pyramids of Giza.

Herbie made it again! Pretty strong head winds and the heat of the Sahara Desert couldn’t stop Herbie from touring our last African country to visit: Egypt.

In Cairo, we met again Monserrate Espinosa, the Spanish overlander. He stays at the same hostel, in the heart of Cairo, just a few hundred meters from Tahrir Square.

Egyptian traffic ranked among the most chaotic, dangerous and challenging in the world. We drove through the streets of Cairo already in 2009, but not towing a caravan.

This time we are here, pulling our house along these completely packed city roads. And we even drove right into the center of Cairo, trying to find a suitable parking spot.

We’re staying at the Dahab Hostel, which we got recommended by the German travelers from “Remember the Birds”, who we’ve met in Wadi Halfa, Sudan, last week.

After visiting family and friends, we’ll be back on the road, heading to Port Said at the Mediterranean Sea, from where we want to take a ferry to Iskenderun, Turkey.


2 thoughts on “Herbie at the Pyramids

  1. Wow! Those photos are amazing, send some of the warm weather our way, we’re freezing..

    Travels safe,

    Fern, Neil, Julian & Herbie SA



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