Herbie’s in Egypt!

Our Love Bug safely arrived in Aswan, Egypt. Herbie was shipped from Sudan across the Lake Nasser together with just one other car, as those barges are really small.

Monserrate Espinosa, a Spanish fellow traveler, put his four-wheel drive Toyota on the boat. He is also on his way back to Europe, after traveling Africa for a couple months.

We met Monserrate, who’s also traveling the world by car since 2009, when we went on board the passenger ferry in Wadi Halfa. Since then our paths crossed quite often.


2 thoughts on “Herbie’s in Egypt!

  1. Hi Domi and Zainab
    Congratulations!! You made it through Africa, from the most Southern city to the North and you two, Herbie and the trailer seems to be all intact. I suppose the beautiful Zainab now had enough of walking through muddy pools to test the depth and to take photos. Now it should be plain sailing home.
    You must have a great time
    Koos and Esmé (JBC Pretoria)

    • Hey Koos & Esmé,
      Thank you for your kind words!
      And of course thank you so much for your warm hospitality welcoming us in South Africa!
      We’re looking forward to meeting you when you’ll be visiting our native city Vienna!
      Air-cooled regards from us to you and all Jacaranda Beetle Club members,
      Domi & Zainab from Cairo, Egypt

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