Crossing Ethiopia

If you’re driving on the highway noticing somebody screaming “You!” or even “You! You! You! You! You! …”, then you know, that you are in Ethiopia. Right after we crossed the border, we got to listen to kids and adults shouting stuff like that for our entire stay.

We entered Ethiopia by crossing the border at Moyale, coming from the Kenyan “Trans-East-African Highway”. The curiosity of Ethiopians can be really tiring, because they are literally everywhere. It reminded us of traveling through India.

It is weird, but interesting, that borders apparently still have such a strong influence on people’s behavior, because right after we crossed over to Sudan, we stopped on the highway for lunch and kids were passing by, just politely greeting us.

We toured across the fertile South, got our way through the chaotic capital Addis Ababa, climbed the high elevated mountain areas and eventually reached the dry North. At Metema or Gallabat we crossed the border to Sudan.

The most impressive pieces of nature in Ethiopia were probably those huge canyons. But also the green and fertile South was very nice to see. There we stocked up fruits and veg for our ongoing trip across the Sudanese desert.


6 thoughts on “Crossing Ethiopia

  1. Hi
    That is great to visit Ethiopia. Ethiopia is country of diversity in tribes more than 85, landscape, vegetation covers, culture, and more.
    The previous Ethiopian Tourism Commission slogan “Visit Ethiopia & be seven year Younger” Ethiopia has unique calender, and time counting…. special country …. thanks

  2. What a journey, for those who want see on the map below are maps from the 2 countries.
    Good to refresh our knowledge in geography 🙂

    Map of Ethiopia

    Map of Sudan

  3. Wow, fantastisch interessant!! Würde gern bei Euch und dabei sein! Fotografiert ihr die dortige Bevölkerung auch? Freu mich auf Fotos! Ich fände es spannend die unterschiedlichen Gesichtstypen der unterschiedlichen Nationen zu sehen! Und interessant auch, dass manch dieser Grenzen, von denen ihr sprecht, ja eigentlich nicht auf die unterschiedlichen Volksgruppen abgestimmt sind, sondern von Europa von fremden Herren gezogen wurden. Und diese Grenzen färben anscheinend auf die Mentalitäten ab. Skurril!

    • Hey Stanzi,
      Wir versuchen es zu vermeiden, Menschen zu fotografieren, ohne sie zu fragen. Mehr dazu, wenn wir wieder Daheim sind…
      “Anyway” alles Liebe und Gute an Mama zu ihrem Geburtstag!
      Schoene Gruesse aus dem Sudan,
      Domi & Zainab

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