Heading Back North!

Today we left Pretoria for good, after spending precious time there, and headed to Sabie, a town quite close to the Kruger National Park, we want to visit tomorrow. After that we’ll cross the border to Mozambique, traveling north again.

For the next several weeks we’ll be touring across Africa all the way towards Egypt, from where we want to take a ferry to Turkey in order to drive back to Europe as well as Austria, which we call home. Follow Herbie tripping back north!


6 thoughts on “Heading Back North!

  1. You people gave us are made us (VW Anonymous Club of Kenya) wait for you and passed us without even a word. Though very disappointed, we wish you a safe journey.

  2. hi guys, wish you good luck and waiting for pictures from Mozambique
    loving your jurney, dreaming whith your life!
    Best regards from Portugal

  3. We just passed you after the town of Manhica, white landcruiser – we have a beach lodge 40km further north of Xai Xai towards Inhambane. You are invited to come and stay over at our lodge. Hope to meet you. You can reach us with a normal car. Best regards. Elna

  4. I´m following! Every day looking for a neu post, dreaming whith your life!
    Good luck to you, and waiting for pictures of Mozambique.
    Best regards from Portugal

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