Those Cars On The Plot

Today we went to a car show called “Cars On The Plot” in Montana, Pretoria.

This perfectly arranged event was organized by the Datsun Club of Pretoria. Domi went there together with our friend and host Wernher Hartzenberg (left), his father Ludwig (right) as well as the “air-cooled legend”, Werner Alker.

Domi also met Michele and Hennie Coetzee, who are very devoted followers of Herbie’s World Tour. They even gave us these amazing presents including a lovely personal letter. Many thanks, Michele and Hennie, for all of that!


2 thoughts on “Those Cars On The Plot

  1. Hi guyes i would have loved to be there but unfortionate had to attend a funeral in Portch .I have never mist Cars on the plot before . Hope you hade a nice day !!

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