Simply Werner!

As posted here before, we got to know Werner Alker, the air-cooled Volkswagen genius of South Africa, we’d like to call him. Anyway he invited Domi to his legendary place.

In 1964, Werner came to South Africa, working for the Volkswagen company back then. He has a true passion about the uniqueness of air-cooled VWs, even though he’s always been trying to improve things, Volkswagen obviously made wrong.

Werner Alker is a very, very special character, although he calls himself “simply Werner”. We also met Werner’s wife, Louise. Both are sharing their love for these cars.


3 thoughts on “Simply Werner!

  1. Can somebody please tell me how I can get in touch with Werner please. Does anybody know Johan Stander’s no. who also worked on Beetles in Pretoria. Thank you Rias Loots. 0794972865

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