Wernher’s Aircooled Wonders

Since we arrived in Pretoria, South Africa’s capital, last week, we’re spending time with Wernher Hartzenberg and his lovely family, who invited us to stay at their home.

Yesterday, Wernher inaugurated his brand new workshop “Karosseriewerke Wernher” by “Aircooled Wonders”. Below you can see us with the entire family of Hartzenberg.

Wernher (below, left) introduced us to Werner Alker (below, right), the most experienced air-cooled VW mechanic of South Africa or most likely the whole continent.

And we got to know all the members of the so-called “Jacaranda Beetle Club” in Pretoria, who even invited us to their monthly club meeting to talk about Herbie’s World Tour.


8 thoughts on “Wernher’s Aircooled Wonders

  1. Keep up the great info on Herbies World Tour, Its great to see the Jacaranda Beetle Club still going strong as its been 20 years since I was a member and we had some great times all the best Graham.

  2. IT was truly one amazing sight to see Herbie in Scottburgh, KZN, last week! The people were so friendly and let us take photos, while they went to sleep and left for Pretoria the very next morning. For me as a real Herbie fan, since childhood, this was hands down, the best thing one could see on holiday! Thank you for bringing back such amazing memories of such an amazing little beetle! I am sure I’m not the only Herbie fan out there and judging by how many people had to turn around and look twice when Herbie came down the road and parked near the sea at the main beach, he surely made a huge impression. Back home here in Pretoria, this week, we are spreading the word of Herbie’s tour all over and getting people to look at the webiste and support it. Here’s to wishing you well on your trip and a safe journey home!

    • Hey Leilane,

      Many thanks for your kind words and for following our blog! It is always a joy for us to see how our car brings a smile to people’s face and how excited and happy they can get :)!!
      That’s one of many things that makes our Herbie so special :)!

      Best regards,


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