Miradouro da Lua

“Viewpoint of the Moon” (or “Miradouro da Lua”) is the name of the sight we visited in Angola, after we safely arrived at the International Airport of Luanda – together with Herbie and his trailer. We spent our first night in the camper right besides the landing runway and the airplanes coming from all over the world.

This beautiful country is nearly twice the size of Texas or five times the area of the Great Britain. We really enjoyed its tropical nature and mountain scenery. In Angola, the means of subsistence are very expensive (except fuel). After a long and bloody civil war, which ended at the beginning of the millennium, the country has been undergoing an enormous economic growth. Unfortunately the gainer of this are just a few, while the majority of people are suffering from poverty.


6 thoughts on “Miradouro da Lua

  1. Hi Herbie, you’ve got some beautiful pictures there! I’m a TV Producer/Presenter doing a short piece on the Miradouro da Lua. I would like to request permission to use some of these pictures. You would receive credit for all pictures used. Looking forward to hearing from you, you could emall me at aokpo@ebonylifetv.com.

    Thank you!

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