Traveling Bugs Around the World

Today we want to send our best regards to fellow “Travel Bugs” around the world!

To Victoria Ondarza and Federico Cáneva, who are right now touring the Pan-American Highway on a trip from Argentina to Florida in their Volkswagen Bug from 1981.

To Dirk Dahmer and Torsten Schmitz from Germany, who traveled the entire “Panamericana” in their green Volkswagen Bug named “Erbse” from 1952.

To Janet and Ed Howle, who participated in the “World Race 2011” from NYC to Paris and the “Trans-America-Rally 2012” from NYC to Alaska in “Stewball” from 1967.

To Vincent Loos, who drove his 1974 Volkswagen Beetle called “Foxy Shahzadi”, painted with unique Pakistani truck art, from Islamabad, Pakistan, to Paris in 2009.


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