Herbie’s Rebirth

The impossible became possible! Domi was able to get Herbie back to life. Although there is still water in the interior parts of the chassis and body, the most important thing is that Herbie’s back on the “road” (earth track) again.

Today we made it all the way to Dolisie, Congo, where we’re spending the night. Tomorrow we’ll do further repairs on Herbie, before we’ll be heading towards Brazzaville – our final destination within the Republic of the Congo.


2 thoughts on “Herbie’s Rebirth

  1. Hey Mick,
    Thanks for hint – we’ve already changed the gear oil :)!
    Since we got your stickers, it’s even harder to convince people that we are from Austria and not Australia ;)…
    All the best from Angola,
    Domi & Zainab

  2. Hello Domi, In case you had not thought about it. Concerned that if you got stuck in that water crossing for a short period water may have entered the transmission via the breather a small hole on top of the selector housing– transmission slow death. Check by draining the transmission a bit water will come first but flush and change first opportunity. Mick.
    p.s. your voyage is fantastic-good luck take care.

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