Islamic Republic of Mauritania

In the last days we were driving through the Islamic Republic of Mauritania and also passed its capital, Nouakchott. Afterwards we headed east towards the towns of Aleg, Kiffa and Ayoun El-Atrouss. Endless police men stopped us, checking our passports as well as other documents and asking for bribe.

The condition of the road was getting miserable and gas very rare. We had to buy fuel at the so-called “marché noir” (black market) for a much higher price. Furthermore we’ve never seen so many dead animals on the side of the road. But it was wonderful to see all the camel herds along the way.

Most of the people in Mauritania are very poor. In general, it is important to us to only take pictures of people, when they are okay with it and when we feel it is appropiate. Our main focus while traveling is to discover the beauty of nature and to get to know the different “mentalities” and cultures of people, no matter if rich or poor.


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