Welcome to Africa!

Another long day ends! But tomorrow we’ll finally hit the road, leaving Rabat and start exploring the African continent. First we’ll be heading towards the Atlas Mountains.

Today we also went to the souk in old downtown, where Domi got his boots repaired. These were probably the first western boots the shoemaker ever had in his career.


For just two Bucks Domi got new shoe soles. Afterwards we were strolling through the market, buying a bunch of dates and other stuff we’ll need back on the road.

We came to Morocco’s capital in order to get as many visas we can and we eventually got almost all of them. Only the Embassy of Nigeria refused all our applications.

And the Embassies of the DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo) and Sudan were asking us to obtain the visas in Brazzaville, Congo, and Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

It took more than two weeks achieving visas for eight countries we like to visit on our trip across Africa. Visa fees varied between 40 and 130 US-Dollar (30 and 100 Euro).

Although we had to go through all different kinds of consular red tape, we really enjoyed spending time in Rabat. But now we are also very pleased to move on.

For our camper we ultimately got the “new” tires, we ordered the day before yesterday. Morocco seems to be a kind of after market, because the tires are from 2006.

The Love Bug’s Got the Travel Bug and is eager to start exploring continent number six. Welcome aboard and thank you for following our adventure around the globe!


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