Meeting Emma Vånemo

While we were waiting in line at an embassy in Rabat, we met an extraordinary person. Her name is Emma Vånemo, she is 26 years old and from Sweden. We talked about Herbie’s World Tour and she seemed to be very interested in what we’re doing. We asked about her plans and it turned out that she is also on the way down south. But here it comes – she’s cycling all the way to South Africa!

On her travel blog “The Skipping Kangaroo” you can follow her adventurous journey, which she’s doing by riding her bicycle from Sweden to the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. Hopefully our paths will cross again sometime, somewhere, somehow!


2 thoughts on “Meeting Emma Vånemo

  1. Zainab and Domi, Been following your planning and other activities while back in Austria. Now I am fascinated by your travel in Africa. I’ll be reading every post of Herbie’s journey in Africa. Wishing you safe travels.

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