Back to Original 1,200 cc

Domi finished his work on the engine of Herbie No. II. Instead of the fuel injected 1,600 cc, the Love Bug got now his original 1,200 cc back. The motor came from a burnt out Volkswagen Bug made in Mexico. Domi installed brand new cylinders and pistons as well as an additional modern type oil filter. Herbie is now ready to go A-F-R-I-C-A!

Flo from DLV and Friedrich helped Domi putting the “new” engine together and also surprised him with a very special feature – a light for the engine bay. At this point we want to say thank you for all your help and support on Herbie’s World Tour!


2 thoughts on “Back to Original 1,200 cc

  1. Translations:
    Wladimir Issac said: “It’s great/nice to go slow and enjoy the ride/travel”


    Leonardo Guimarães

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