Two Guys & Three Cars

Domi and Flo drove to Germany again, in order to pick up two cars – a Trabant for Friedrich and another Bug for Flo. They decided to go there in a VW pulling a special tow bar. They were just two guys driving three cars, but everything worked out!

On the way to Germany Flo and Domi met Friedrich and his “Última Edición” (right) – a Volkswagen Bug from 2003 – close to his family home in Upper Austria.


2 thoughts on “Two Guys & Three Cars

  1. Muito boa a iniciativa em recuperar o fusquinha.
    A propósito, este ultima edicion é mexicano mesmo? Como este carro foi para ai?
    Responda esta pergunta, assim saberei se você lê ou não meus comentários.
    WLADIMIR – Cataguases MG – Brasil

    • Hey Wladimir,

      Yeah, that’s right!
      The beige Bug is actually an original “Última Edición” and the two other Bugs are quite the same, just a few years older, but with the same engine (fuel injected 1,600 cc).

      Air-cooled regards, Domi

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