Work In Progress

Domi is still working on a 1,200 cc carburetor engine for Herbie No. II at Friedrich’s shop in Vienna. We’re thinking about taking the Love Bug for a final ride continuing Herbie’s World Tour, after we’ve traveled more than 95,000 miles (150,000 km) so far.

A special feature is the additional oil filter including a bigger oil pump by BOCAR.

Furthermore, Herbie gets a high performance coil and an electronic ignition system.

But we’ll stick to a simple dynamo as they are more resistant than generators.


2 thoughts on “Work In Progress

  1. Estou afim de colocar inguinição eletrônica no meu 68 também. Resolve-se muitos problemas.
    WLADIMIR – Cataguases – MG Brasil

  2. Doghouse with a Kombi’s radiator, to improve cooling of the third cylinder, it would be appropriate … greetings


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