Herbie’s Heart Transplantation

At present, Herbie No. II runs with a fuel injected engine made in Brazil, powered by 1,600 cc. Our plan is to change that. Herbie should get back to his original 1,200 cc.

The motor with fuel injection (above) runs really great! Domi says, it’s the best engine, he has ever driven. Its power during acceleration is truly amazing. And it was for sure a pioneer work by Domi and his friend Friedrich to install such a motor in such a Bug.

At the moment, Domi reactivates an old 1,200 cc carburetor engine he got from another Beetle, which burnt out, went for sale and Domi bought just couple days ago (see post). Therefore, Herbie will ride again “with 34 horses around the globe” very soon.


1 thought on “Herbie’s Heart Transplantation

  1. Motorzão 1600 cc é tudo de bom que nós temos aqui. fora isso, somente motores de outros carros que são adapitados nos besouros.
    WLADIMIR, Cataguases – MG, BRASIL.

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