Herbie’s Blind Side

After traveling around the world without seeing passing cars on both sides of the camper, we finally found the proper extension mirrors for Herbie at an American retailer.

The only mirror we used was the interior one looking through three windows – the back of the VW as well as the front and the back window of our “QEK Junior” camper.

The Love Bug might looks a bit odd with these new mirrors, but they really work and are easy to install. Back in Europe we couldn’t find those – in the US we got lucky.


Herbie has no blind spot anymore! We were driving hundreds of thousands of miles blind sided around the globe and back in Austria before. We finally improved that!

“Tow-N-See” is the name of the product, Domi discovered at an American retail store. We’re looking forward to pulling “QEK” with seeing what’s going on in the back.

You just place the vacuum cup against the surface of your existing mirror. We tested the strength by hitting the freeway with maximum speed. Everything worked out!


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