The Gold Rush

Michael and Domi checked out the lower section of Kern River near Kernville and Lake Isabella in the Sierra Mountains of Southern California last week in order to find out more about its white water rapids, because they want to kayak down there. While observing the flow of the river, they discovered an actual gold mining camp.

It was very interesting for Domi and Michael meeting and talking to the gold miner. He was telling them that he’s making money for all his daily needs by chasing gold.

The Kern River is one of the most storied rivers in the West, as well as one of the most dangerous ones. Merle Haggard actually wrote a famous song about the Kern.

Above you can see one of the signs put up by the miner including his mining claim and its number. Gold mining is obviously getting back in trend, as the stakes are high.

Gold was discovered for the first time along the upper river in 1853 and is still a hot spot for gold rushing men in the West. Below a picture of the miner’s home.



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