Three Cents per Gallon

You probably won’t believe it, but a complete fill up for Herbie just costs 30 US-Cents in Venezuela. This is not a joke! Venezuela has the cheapest gas prices in the world.

Herbie feels like he is in paradise. Gas for just three US-Cents per Gallon (or less than one Euro Cent per liter). Gasoline is subsidized by the government of Hugo Chávez.

Today I got two fill ups actually for free, because the guys at the gas station had no change, so they decided not to charge for it. It was a total amount of 20 US-Cents.

However it was really hard to get here: Initially the custom office at the border was closed for two days. Yesterday it took us hours to get the necessary paperwork done.

Venezuela had the toughest border in South America respective entering a country with a car. But we rejoice to be able to visit our ninth and final South American country.


3 thoughts on “Three Cents per Gallon

  1. We just paid 76,50 euro (!!!) for 54 litres of diesel fuel! Crazy world!!
    Keep on having a pleasant trip!! 🙂
    Kisses, C & C

    • Therefore even drinking water is much more expensive than gasoline. Sometimes it feels like being back in the 60ies somewhere in the US. Big old American muscle cars line the streets of Venezuela. Of course, because the gas mileage is irrelevant!

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