Go Herbie Go!

Herbie brought us back to Colombia. We left the Pan-American Highway heading east towards Venezuela after we passed cities like Pasto, Popayán and Cali.

We were driving right through the heart of Colombia’s capital, Bogotá. Our plan is to visit Venezuela before we’ll put Herbie on a vessel going back to North America.

Colombia is pretty expensive regarding its toll roads. Just today we passed about ten toll booths and spent at least a couple bucks for each one of them.

Even though the landscapes are beautiful, it is sometimes really hard to watch the big gap between the rich and the poor – especially within big cities just as Bogotá.

Tomorrow we’ll get very close to the border. On the day after we’re hoping to reach Venezuela – our last country we’ll visit before heading back to Cartagena.


3 thoughts on “Go Herbie Go!

  1. What a wonderful trip you guys are doing, the ultimate dream for every aircooled vws addict !
    I went to Venezuela last year, so if you want some good adresses and places to go, let me know 😉 You’ll have to go to the Llanos, Salto Angel and the Carribean coasts with fantastics beaches and lanscapes… Bon voyage !

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