Domi loves drinking fresh coconut juice. Herbie prefers gas without ethanol instead.

One coconut ($ 1.00)  is more expensive than one quart of gasoline ($ 0.38).

Ecuador has the cheapest gas prices we’ve experienced in America so far.

A complete full tank for our Love Bug costs just 15 US-Dollars (or 12 Euro).

Ecuador is the only country in South America having the US-Dollar and Cent.

All other South American countries we visited are selling way more expensive gas.


3 thoughts on “Thirsty?

  1. Hello friends!
    I follow his adventure aboard the Herbie!
    What are your plans about Brazil?
    live on the border of Brazil and Venezuela, and I am ready to help in any way necessary.
    my contact email and msn is
    rony.benjamin @ hotmail
    Success on the trip!

  2. Ha Ha drinking alcohol and drivig. Herby said: No alcohol! So the driver has to drink it……….
    I don´t think it is in Herby´s interest when Domi drinks so much of that stuff.

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