The Peruvian Dune Buggy

After catching up with new post on Herbie’s World Tour, checking the motor oil level and tire pressure, we hit the Pan-American Highway again. We left Camaná, heading north and passed Nazca and its desert and stopped for the night in Ica.

Peru’s coastal desert dunes and the Pacific ocean welcomed us once again.

In the afternoon we reached the Nazca Desert with its ancient Lines.

Tomorrow we’ll continue traveling north along the so-called “Panamericana”.

We’re planning to put Herbie on a vessel going back to North America in May.

After Peru we’ll still journey to Ecuador, Colombia and maybe Venezuela.

Herbie took a break in the Nazca Desert right at a very magical sundown.


4 thoughts on “The Peruvian Dune Buggy

  1. My previous comment is apparently “awaiting moderation.” Let this comment duly record that suspicious sounding fact and say, once again, that your photos are amazing, a joy to wander throught each morning.

  2. I welcome Herbie back to this wonderful stage you have created for him! There will be cheering in the streets when he returns to Ridgecrest. Thousands will swarm about him as he enters the town. Banners will be hung. Speeches made. The local high school band will play the Austrian national anthem in the style of Beethoven. Ok, maybe not: but it will be nice to see you again!

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