The Panamericana

The Pan-American Highway or rather “Panamericana” is the longest drivable road on earth, measuring about 29,800 miles (or 47,960 kilometers) in its total length.

We have already driven its roads within the USA, Mexico and all Central American countries. Now we are cruising the South American section of the “Panamericana”.

Colombia’s Pan-American Highway is getting more and more scenic as we’re heading further South. And we are yet very excited to explore Colombia’s Andes.


1 thought on “The Panamericana

  1. Hey, Domi! I knew that you could get Herbie going again. I never had any doubt about that. Great job! I hope Zainab gave you a big kiss for all your labors. Now, start showing us some pictures of what you’re seeing, where you’re going. I want to SEE what you’re talking about. I’ve seen enough pictures of Herbie. I want to see the people, the scenery, the motels, the rooms, the mountains, every grain of sand! Thank you. I bet it’s nice to be on the road again, right? Finally. Mike

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