Hit the Road, Herbie!

We got it done! After “wasting” eleven days in Cartagena because of a huge electrical problem caused by one of the jacks on the ship, Herbie is back on the road again!

Domi had to take out several parts within the engine bay a third but very last time today. He installed the new generator, regulator and electronic ignition.

On February 8, we came to Colombia. First we had to wait for Herbie’s vessel which was more than two weeks delayed. Later on we spent eleven more days for the repairs.

On the port we got introduced to “the best automotive electrician in Cartagena”, they said. He’ll get us back on the road on the very same day, they promised.

Finally it took him eleven to locate, repair and exchange the broken parts, even though Domi did most of the work by removing the old parts and installing the new ones.

Everyday we had to go through countless difficulties, but by the sweat of our brows we coped with all of them. And finally we got him back. Herbie lives and can move on.

At this point we want to say thank all of you for your moral support and helpful advises. And special thanks to our dear friends Friedrich, Andreas and Florian from Europe!

Now we’re hoping that Herbie’s ocean carrier will make amends for what he and we were going through. They should pay at least for all the repairs and expenses. We’ll let you know if the shipping company was willing to compensate for our loss.


6 thoughts on “Hit the Road, Herbie!

  1. Hey there,
    Thanks for your comments!
    We are indeed so happy to be able to hit the road again!
    After we packed our stuff we’ll take off following the “Panamericana” to its end.
    All the best to all of you & air-cooled regards from Herbie!

  2. Great…! I am glad for you.
    Will you still drive around Colombia? or will you run away as soon as possible?

    In case you still want to drive around, I would recommend visiting San Agustin. However, keep in mind that it implies a long detour from the Panamericana. I posted some pictures of San Agustin in my blog, just in case you are intested.

    We are now in Cuenca, Ecuador, and tomorrow we will start moving into Peru.
    best Regards,

  3. woowoo finally! I’ve been following your blog since you shipped herbie from Mexico and I’ve suffered any new post expecting you to be able to hit the road again, good luck and we are looking forward to see you here in Bogotá

  4. We are fine again Herbie and I .We have both enough power to go on our way through the world. So go Herbie go go Herbie go the streets are free we love you so!!

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