Our Hotel in Veracruz

We’re staying at a very neat place called “Hotel Reforma” since we arrived in Veracruz. It’s located quite close to the old center in a narrow street named “Callejón Reforma”.

We got to Veracruz ten days ago in order to ship Herbie from here to South America.

Just besides our place there is a banana tree, but the bananas are not ripe yet.


Our Hotel is right in a kind of small pedestrian zone which makes it not too noisy.

Everywhere you can find little shrines. Catholicism is of course the main religion.

We’ll stay here four more days before we take off towards Cartagena, Colombia.


4 thoughts on “Our Hotel in Veracruz

  1. Good luck with your next leg. We are now signed on to do NY to Alaska. If you decide to do the trip to Alaska after SA, let us know your dates. Perhaps we can meet up. Now getting Stewball ready for the next adventure.

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