Shipping Delay No. 2

Herbie’s ship, the “Global Leader”, got another delay. This is quite frustrating!

Every day of traveling is like meeting a new challenge. You have to go through it, because there is no other way out. Therefore we are still in Veracruz waiting for the vessel’s departure. But we’ll go by plane to Cartagena, Columbia, on February 8, in order to pick up “Ocho” three days later. Hopefully there will be no further delay.


1 thought on “Shipping Delay No. 2

  1. Hey guys, We are heading to Alaska with Stewball in May. The first posting of this upcoming trip is now on the blog. We have never rallied with this group before, but there sure are some interesting people and exotic cars. Ole Stewball will be the only vintage Beetle.
    Beetles rock!

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