Goodbye, Herbie!

Today we had to say “good-bye” to Herbie. Even though not all bureaucratic requirements are conformed yet, we already brought our beloved Volkswagen to the port. We are sorry that we can’t post any last pictures of “Ocho” before he is going to be on his way to South America. Domi wanted to take at least one shot so badly. He literally begged for the allowance to get some photos but it was strictly prohibited by the port executives.

It was an exhausting day for both of us. We didn’t expect that we’ll have to deliver the vehicle today, so we were not prepared at all. We had two hours to get the car ready to go. Later on, when we arrived at the harbor, they told us that one of us has to leave before entering the area. Only one person is supposed to drive the car into the port. Finding a taxi outside the city is not an easy task but we were lucky. After about ten minutes we got one and Zainab was on her way back to the hotel.

After passing several check points Herbie and Domi finally reached their destination. Our Number 53 ended up parking just besides three other air-cooled classic cars (Fiat 500, Fiat 600 and Citroën 2CV) and a Mini Cooper as well as hundreds of brand new Japanese vehicles which are all supposed to be shipped overseas.


3 thoughts on “Goodbye, Herbie!

  1. I also wanted to take a picture of Herbie before your departure from Plaza Square. I mentioned the tour to the older tenants here and they too would have love to have taken a picture of Ocho. I am so happy to have seen Herbie, brought back many childhood memories.

    • Hey Mary,
      Thanks for your comment!
      Maybe we can meet again when we come back to the US. We don’t know yet which route we’ll take but there is a chance that we’ll cross the border at the same spot :).
      Best regards, Domi

  2. I say good luck to Herbie! I hope he doesn’t get sea sick. He would be throwing up oil all over the place! Now, I still want to see the real Vera Cruz. Enjoy your time and post lots of photos! Mike

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