The Place of the Rain

Quiahuiztlan, also known as “the place of the rain”, is a spot where people of the Totonac affiliation used to live. Later on a Spanish settlement was established here.

As a defensive strategy the city was built on a hill where they used terraces to avoid the soil to slide down. Additionally they introduced big walls as another defensive tool.

Nevertheless this strategy was not really successful. Between AD 800 and 900 the Toltecs invaded Quiahuiztlan and subjugated its inhabitants.

In the beginning of the 13th century the Aztecs also conquered the city. It is also famous due the fact that the Spanish conquerors lived just nearby in the lowlands.

This place was also called “Villa Rica de la Vera Cruz” and it is considered as the first settlement of the Spanish. Even an alliance with the Europeans was set.

On these pictures you can see mausoleum style tombs. Those tombs have the shape of miniature temples and they were unique in ancient Mexico.

Herbie and we are staying in the old center of Veracruz which is also very close to the port and where “Ocho” has to be shipped to Colombia in South America.


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