7 thoughts on “Herbie on TV in Austria

  1. I Enjoyed All Your Movies & I am A Huge Fan Of Yours. I Wish I Owned A Car Like You. I Could Use One Right Now. So If You Got Any Unwanted Relitives That Need A Home, I Will Be Glad To Own A Classic Like you, Love You Herbie. From a LifeLong Fan Of Yours Since California1968 & For All Time. Paul L Costa from Oakland, California

      • thank you For Accepting My Friend Request. Its A Pleasure To Have Herbie As My Friend, It Means Alot To Me. I Appreciate it.& I Understand About Your Cars Not For Sale, I Wouldnt Sell It Either. There Very Precious Especialy Herbie As Well. By The Way, I Made The Theme Song To Herbie The Love Bug As My Ring Tone On My Celluar Phone. Keep Me Posted If You Can On What Goes On With Herbie. & His Birthday This Month On June 28th.Thanks For The Reply & Take Care. From Paul L Costa Of Oakland, California. A Herbie Fan For Life.

  2. “Herbie on TV in Austria | Herbie’s World Tour” ended up being a great blog, cannot wait to look at more of ur blog posts. Time to waste numerous time on the net hehe. Thanks for your time ,Shavonne

    • Hey Luis,
      We’d love to come to Puerto Rico!
      Unfortunately Puerto Rico is an island and Herbie is hydrophobic…
      The shipping is pretty expensive, but whenever we’d come on our own, we’ll let you know!
      Many thanks for your invitation! Dominikus & Zainab

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