Kustom Coach Werks

Right after we arrived in Grand Junction, Colorado, today, we got the hint, by Zach, one of our followers, to visit the KCW (Kustom Coach Werks) here in town. This outstanding air-cooled VW workshop is actually located just a few blocks from our motel. Domi just visited the KCW folks and took some pictures of their shop.


Goblins and Bridges

There was a lot to see today. On our way up North, we visited the Natural Bridges National Monument, the Glen Canyon and the Goblin Valley State Park. We were heading from Mexican Hat on the highways no. 261, 95 and 24 to Green River.

Canyons of the Navajos

Today we visited Zainab’s most favorite place in the United States – Canyon de Chelly, located in Northeastern part of the Navajo Nation in Arizona. We hope you enjoy our pictures as much as we enjoyed this natural wonder in reality.

In the afternoon we crossed the state line entering Utah and stopped by the Canyonlands Motel in Mexican Hat, where we’ll stay for the night, before moving on.

Where’s the Camper?

Even though it is much more expensive to travel without a trailer, we decided to leave our camper in California, because we are on the road for just only five weeks this time and we wanted to enjoy the advantages motels offer, just as showers, internet access, refrigerator and other comfy stuff like that.

This will be our last night in New Mexico. We are in Farmington, a city located in the very Northwestern part of the state. Tomorrow we’ll enter Arizona again in order to visit one of our most favorite places – Canyon de Chelly nearby Chinle.

The Love Bug is running pretty well! And we really love touring cross country with him! At the moment we’re making around 200 miles (or 320 kilometers) a day.

However, we want to thank you for still following Herbie’s World Tour after so many years of traveling! We’ll keep blogging and we hope you enjoy accompanying us!

UFOs and Aliens

The UFO Museum in Roswell, New Mexico – We have been in Roswell already more than once, but we haven’t been to its world famous museum on UFOs.

We decided to give it a chance and we actually enjoyed it. Below you can find some pictures of the exhibition. After our visit we drove all the way North to Albuquerque.

From Highway to Underground

More than four years ago we visited the New Mexican Caverns of Carlsbad the first time. Today we returned to this magnificent piece of America’s natural treasury.

Before going underground we passed by the Guadalupe Mountains National Park in Texas hosting the highest peak of the state with 2,667 meters (or 8,749 feet).

Las Cruces in New Mexico

New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment – We entered this wonderful state by driving along highway 70 towards Lordsburg. From there we hit the interstate and ended up in Las Cruces, where we’ll stay for the night before heading further South.

There we checked in at the Day’s End Motel. From here we’ll continue cruising on interstate 10 to El Paso, Texas. And we’re planning to visit the Carlsbad Caverns as well. So we’ll just stay in Texas for a day, heading back into New Mexico. From there we’ll heading North, all across the state towards Arizona again.

Gas for € 0.48 per Liter

Filling up Herbie is pretty convenient in Arizona compared to other states and especially in comparison to Europe. The gallon is down to $ 1.99 here.

As we would pay at least € 1.15 per liter right now in Europe, we’re getting gas for € 0.48 per liter in Arizona, which is actually less than the half of the price.

Today were heading further East and we’re staying for the night at a motel in the town of Safford. Tomorrow we’ll enter our state no. 3 on this trip – New Mexico.

Meeting Jay in Phoenix

After a long drive across the desert of Arizona, we reached Phoenix, where we met our friend Jay, who we got to know in Yuma and who we haven’t seen since five years. Tonight we had a blast, hanging out at a bar in downtown chatting with him.

Dating Yuma, Arizona

After crossing the Imperial Sand Dunes of California, we reached Yuma, Arizona.


Right there we were able to buy our favorite Medjool dates from Bard, California.


This picture was not taken in Saudi Arabia! These are sand dunes in California.


Tomorrow we’ll be heading on Interstate 8 towards Arizona’s capital – Phoenix.


In the meantime we were already enjoying dates with a delicious vanilla coffee.