Herbie’s New Clothes

Finally, after sitting on Herbie’s seats for many years and countless miles, we decided that he definitely needed new “clothes” and bought him these Southwestern style covers.

The old ones looked disgusting! But no wonder, we traveled five continents with them. By the way, initially they were white when we started Herbie’s World Tour in the year 2009.

Herbie’s Reunited

We are back in the States! After two years we reunited with Herbie No. I again. He was parking at our friend’s house in the Mojave Desert where we returned to on May 1.

After such a long time Domi had to repair one of the brake cylinders which was leaking pretty heavily. But the battery was still like new and started the engine right away.

Our dear friend, Lyle Gregory (see below), invited us to stay at his place, the famous “West Oz House”. He was also taking care of Herbie and the camper while we were gone.

We won’t use the camper this time but we were curious to take a look inside when we arrived. The little caravan was our home while we’ve traveled the world from 2009 on.

There’s a lot to discover at Lyle’s place. Ridgecrest is located in the Mojave Desert, not far from the well known Death Valley, the largest National Park of the United States.

We already took the Love Bug for a ride to Palmdale and Lancaster in order to go shopping. The engine was running smoothly, even though the gas is two years old.

Sorry that there’s no picture of Zainab! The next time Domi will take the photos.