The Salt River Canyon

Today we were driving the scenic route through the Salt River Canyon again, which is located within the White Mountain Apache Reservation on the Eastern side of Arizona.

As we left Tucson, where we spent the last two nights in a motel on Benson Highway, we were heading North all the way to Holbrook at the world famous nostalgic Route 66.

The gas prices in Arizona range around 3.30 US-Dollar a gallon right now, which would be around 0.60 Euro per liter – less than half the price we’d have to pay for fuel in Austria.


Arizona Rangeland Honey

Before we left Tucson, we visited Dee Lusby. She is a luminary in terms of natural and fully organic beekeeping. We spent hours chatting while she showed us her bees.

Her pristine honey is without any doubt one of the most exquisite throughout the entire world and is free of all 171 named pesticides tested (in parts per billion) by the USDA.

Dee Lusby’s beeyards are spread over an area as large as the island of Cyprus, just to get an impression how many bee colonies she has. And she is the only caretaker!

We really enjoyed spending time with Dee chatting and learning about the only truthful way how beekeeping and hence living in general will remain possible in the future of our planet!

The Land of Dates

We are in love with dates ever since! On Herbie’s World Tour we got the chance to check them all out and we found the best of them all – and you may not believe it – in the United States of America. Here we’ve had the by far best Medjool dates world wide.

Our most favorite dates so far come from “Berryman Farms” in Bard, Southern California. These long standing date palm trees are irrigated by the world famous Colorado river.

Yesterday we just bought another bunch of delicious Medjool dates at “Berryman Farms” where we also met Roberto again – the head “palmero” of Berryman’s date ranch.

On our US road trip visiting all 48 lower states, we were hanging out for weeks and weeks in Yuma, Arizona, which is right on the other side of the impressive Colorado river.

As Zainab was spending a big part of her childhood in Egypt and in the UAE (United Arab Emirates), she has a deep bond with dates and of course their palm trees.

And as we headed towards Tucson, we stopped (as we’d always do) at the town and freeway travel center called “Dateland” in the Sonoran Desert of Southern Arizona.

You cannot miss “Dateland” when you’re driving the freeway I-8 between Yuma to Tucson, although the biggest occurrence of date palm tree farms is in the Coachella Valley.

Before we came to the United States the first time, we’d never have thought that we could find here our most favorite dates in the whole world. We love to have them together with Pine refined coffee and unsalted raw crunchy almond butter (see above).

The Globetrotter Got Married!

The Austrian daily newspaper “Heute” just published a story on our wedding today!
You can find pictures of our marriage down below or by clicking here!

Herbie’s Honeymooning

Yesterday we got married in California! Today we left Ridgecrest for our honeymoon with the Love Bug. After hundreds of miles heading South, we just arrived in Yuma, Arizona.

Domi’s family clinked glasses back in Austria while we were having our wedding ceremony: Florian, Sara, Georg, Felicitas, Konstanze, Severin and Domi’s mum Silvia.

We want to thank all our friends and followers for their wonderful compliments on our wedding! Thanks for all your lovely messages, comments and the positive energy!

Special thanks go to our friend Rudi from Vienna who endowed us a self-made clock dedicated to our marriage including Herbie who’s driving all around the globe!

Just Married!

After loving each other since more than five years and exploring the world together for almost four years, we finally got married! And Herbie of course was part of our wedding!

Our ceremony took place in a park of Independence in Inyo County, Southern California. As for the entrance we’d listen to Johnny Cash’s version of “Rose of my Heart”.

We invited our closest friends from Ridgecrest to our marriage. Here they are from left to right: Diego, Pablo, Charles, (Zainab & Domi), Mike & Susie as well as Lilian and Luis.

Charles Quinlan was our clergy and Michael Lee Phillips and his wife Susie Burgess were our witnesses. And thanks to Emily Smith we have these wonderful pictures.

Zainab was wearing this gorgeous gown by “Maggie Sottero”. Everything was fitting together. Herbie’s color is pearl white, just as Zainab’s dress and Domi’s gilet and tie.

Michael Lee Phillips was also the so-called best man of Domi. We know Mike since the year 2010. He was always a very important supporter of Herbie’s World Tour to us.

At this point we want to send to all our family members, our friends and of course to the fans of our Love Bug our kindest regards from our wedding day in California!

Domi & Zainab
Red heart

Ready for the Road!

After plenty of maintenance work, Herbie is prepared to hit the road again. On Sunday we’ll start heading South towards Yuma, Arizona, passing Palm Springs and so forth.

Today Domi replaced the hand brake cable on the driver’s side. We had to change it for the first time, but as you can see, this one is pretty worn out though (see below).

We’ll be gone from Ridgecrest for about two weeks, touring onwards through Arizona, Utah and Nevada. If everything works out fine, we’ll be back in town on May 22.

Trona, California

Domi and his close friend Mike watched a drama movie called “Land of Plenty” by the German director Wim Wenders. This film shows Trona, Ridgecrest’s neighboring town and the place where our friend Michael was born.

His parents are buried on the local cemetery, which appears in the movie as well (see left).

Trona is also the gateway to Death Valley and famous for the so-called “Trona Pinnacles” (see below).

Exceeding the Limits

Thousands and thousands of miles show significant effects on Herbie’s parts which would never wear out under normal conditions. On the left hand side below you can see for example the old push rod which Domi had to replace with a new one (below right).

This massive wear caused major problems as the push rod is responsible for powering the fuel pump. So finally, we found the reason for the misfires of Herbie’s engine.

The chassis clearance was not always ideal while touring continents like South America. One of its outcomes was that we had to replace the exhaust tailpipes as they got broken because of streaking the “road” obviously too often. We just got them fixed!

The Love Bug got back his original sound coming from the exhaust and he’s almost ready to cover another leg of Herbie’s tour around the world. See you on the road soon!

From the Desert to the Mountains

Yesterday we went on a trip heading North. We bypassed Death Valley, the lowest spot in the United States, but we passed the highest one: Mount Whitney (14,505 ft or 4,421 m).

On our way there we came across places like Inyokern, Olancha, Cartago, Lone Pine and the historical site of Manzanar – a “Japanese American Internment Camp” from World War II. In the town of Independence we had lunch before turning back again.

And we also visited Pearsonville, the self-proclaimed “hubcap capital of the world”.