Herbie Hankook

After several years of driving within Austria and touring across Europe last year, Herbie finally got new tires. Domi bought ones made by the Asian brand Hankook. But we had problems to get them on the rims. Due the storage, the tires got deformed, so it wasn’t possible to inflate them. But Friedrich had a special trick (see below).

We sprayed brake parts cleaner between rim and tire and ignited the area by using a lighter. The sudden expansion put the rubber into the right position. Sometimes you simply have to improvise, even though the idea sounds a bit weird!


Herbie’s Wrecking Service

Herbie No. II and Flo’s ‘66 went for a ride, with two trailers in tow, the other day.  They picked up a completely disassembled VW Bug from 1984 and a moped, which they got from various auctions. Domi bought the old Beetle just because he needs its engine. We’ll have to figure out what we’ll do with all the other parts of the car.

The Reunion with Herbie & DLV

Last weekend Domi and his good friend Flo from the air-cooled community DLV drove in his Bug from 1966 to Upper Austria to pick up Herbie No. II and the other “QEK” camper. They were stored in an old farmer’s barn. After that they visited their friend and mechanic, Friedrich Hübsch, in Waldhausen im Strudengau, where Flo’s Bug got a new gas tank and where we tried to clean out his plugged-up fuel line.

Time to Say Goodbye!

It was time to say “goodbye” for us, as we left Herbie No. I, “QEK” the camper and Ridgecrest, California. We went back home to Austria, Europe.

The Love Bug set-up will remain in the US while we are preparing Herbie No. II and ourselves for another adventure and continuing Herbie’s World Tour.