All’s well that ends well

There is no other way than shipping a vehicle from North (or Central) to South America. Therefore we’ll have to put Herbie on one of the big cargo ships where thefts happen quite often. So we ordered a lock for the engine hood.

But we had to get it twice because the first one didn’t work properly and it broke.

Thanks to ISP West we got the broken one exchanged.

“All’s well that ends well”, Shakespeare would say! Everything is good now and we can go down South without any worries regarding our probably most important widget – Herbie’s engine which hauled us already through four continents.


The OZ Camp

Since we are back in the US in order to continue our journey around the world we’re staying at the so-called “OZ Camp” in Ridgecrest,  preparing Herbie and ourselves for our ongoing trip. As last year we helped decorating the whole block in the manner of “OZ” – coming from the most famous American fairytale “The Wonderful Wizard of OZ” written by L. Frank Baum and first published in 1900.

The story about the little farm girl Dorothy from Kansas got probably even more popular when MGM produced their first movie in colors – “The Wizard of Oz” – in 1939.

Also Herbie got part of the show – highlighted in his iconic blue and red colors.

It became a big tradition out here in the desert. Every year “The Land of OZ” is born again. And Herbie and his camper are enjoying themselves highlighted in the front yard.

Herbie’s got new Rubber

We drove to Lancaster for shopping and also in order to change all four tires on our almost 49 years old VW Bug. That is the third time that we put new tires on Herbie while touring around the globe.

On the internet we got a pretty good deal on these tires. So we ordered them online and received them just couple days later.

We chose “low noise” tires with the following dimensions: 165/80R15

Thanks to Randy Hannah!

We want to say many thanks to Randy Hannah from Burroughs High School in Ridgecrest, California, who helped Domi with all kinds of repairs on our Herbie car during the last couple weeks.

The Love Bug Fans

Today we had a blast! We set up a meeting with a young guy called Kyle from Palmdale. We got to know him via Since the age of 12 he owns a VW Bug which he transformed himself into an awesome Herbie replica.

Here you can see Kyle with his Californian Herbie and Domi with our Love Bug from Austria. We definitely want to stay in touch with Kyle and we’re looking forward meeting him and his Herbie again very soon.

World famous “Pupusas”

Our friends and neighbors are opening their very own restaurant in Ridgecrest. The Ramírez family is already well known for their excellent traditional Salvadoran food. And they’ll be the first introducing the people of Ridgecrest to so-called “Pupusas” – a very special meal in El Salvadoran culture.

The brand new and only El Salvadoran restaurant in town – “La Fuente” – will open its doors to the public on Monday, December 19, starting at 10:30 a.m.

It’s located on 221 E. Ridgecrest Blvd. and will be open from Monday through Saturday.

You are on the right spot if you think about where the old “Junk Food Junction” was!

A traditional family restaurant owned by Lilian and Orlando Ramírez and their four kids.

We’ll see you there! Watch out for Herbie at the grand opening on December 26!

Love goes ‘round the World

“The News Review” – a weekly newspaper here in Ridgecrest, California – brought out a nice story about us and Herbie “The Love Bug” going around the world in today’s issue. The article is written by Linda Saholt.

Good “shocking” News

Finally we got the right shocks for Herbie. We ordered four new ones by Monroe (made in the US) – Domi’s favorites! It was as it used to be here in the Mojave desert a nice and warm day – great to work outside.

The reason why Domi likes the Monroe shocks the most is probably because we had the same brand of shocks on our back wheels while touring all around the globe. And now they are supposed to be even better, because they are now gas charged.

While Domi was working, his dear friend Michael Phillips from Ridgecrest took photos.

Everything worked out great and we already took a ride in Herbie with his new shocks. It was just a short trip to the supermarket but although it was a much smoother drive.

Here you can see the old shock and the new one as well. Even though the old ones seemed to be fine, it is probably better to change them after so many miles.

Herbie on TV in Austria

© ORF Herbie’s World Tour 2011

Herbie’s World Tour Fully Reloaded

Welcome to our very new blog! Thank you for having you here!
Herbie is fully reloaded and we are back on the road in order to explore the world together. As members of “DLV Aircooled Community” you’ll still find our latest posts of our ongoing trip around the globe on too. In cooperation with them we want to share our adventures with all of you. We hope you’ll enjoy our blog!
Yours, Domi & Zainab