The Dirtiest Bug in Town

At the “Volkswagen Beetle Show of Stockerau”, arranged by the KDKF Austria,  Domi got the prize for the “dirtiest Bug” as Herbie’s engine compartment is still covered by the red mud of Africa – the award of course should rather honor Herbie’s World Tour.

Georgy, Flo and Domi spent the entire Sunday together – first at the show and later on harvesting cherries at Flo’s place in his native town Gerasdorf, just outside of Vienna.

Back in Austria!

After we returned to Austria we woke Herbie No. II up from his winter sleep and Domi just visited together with friends of our “DLV – Aircooled Community” a vintage Volkswagen show in Upper Austria. On their way they followed the Danube river upstream driving through the world famous Wachau valley, a UNESCO world heritage site.

Thanks to the air-cooled VW club “Käferfreunde Strudengau” for the wonderful event!

Thank you, Michele Lee!

This is the most amazing wedding present! Michele Lee, the co-star in Walt Disney’s “The Love Bug”, congratulated us on our marriage by signing personal autographs for us. Lyle Gregory, dear friend and our Californian camp host, introduced Herbie’s World Tour to this lovely actress from Los Angeles. Thank you both so much for this!

Domi and Zainab – You  are as amazing as this car!” (by Michele Lee)

Domi and Zainab – The Red heartBug loves you!” (by Michele Lee)

Domi + Zainab, Happy Tour! Happy Herbie! Happy marriage!” (by Michele Lee 2014)

Leaving Herbie Behind

Before we were heading back home to Austria again, Domi took Herbie for a final ride following the railway tracks towards Trona and its Pinnacles, a national natural landmark.

It’s always sad leaving Herbie behind but our Californian friends will keep an eye on him!

The Tales on the Trails

Today Jeanne and Dave Hecht of “Tales on the Trails” visited us out here in Ridgecrest. They wanted to meet up with us because they’re actually planning to travel the world in their Jeep Cherokee pulling “Tater”, a special custom made off-road camper.

These two adventurers contacted us because they were looking for people who have already experienced traveling the world with a trailer in tow. They got to our website through Sheena and Brad van Orden from Flagstaff, Arizona, who’re touring around the globe in a Volkswagen Vanagon named “Nacho” (find on “Drive Nacho Drive”).

We spent hours literally telling each other “tales on trails” and sharing our story of Herbie’s World Tour. We wish you, Jeanne and Dave, bon voyage and a safe journey!

Viva Las Vegas

The Love Bug is back in Las Vegas again! On Herbie’s World Tour we spent a lot of time in “Sin City”. This time we had a room at the “Circus Circus” in Northern part of the Strip.

We love to drive Herbie up and down the Las Vegas Boulevard and taking pictures from the parking lots from where you get excellent views over Nevada’s most populous city.