Flo & Eva’s Euro Trip

Close friends of ours, Eva and Flo, just started their own road trip. They’re heading West in a Volkswagen Bug from 1966 pulling a QEK camper, just like our Herbie did.

They already passed the border to Switzerland (picture above) as their first leg should lead them to Spain, visiting a mutual friend of ours, Monserrate Espinosa, a fellow traveler, we got to know in Spain and who toured the world in his Toyota 4Runner called “Bruno”.

At this point we wish Eva and Flo all the best for their journey. Travel safe and enjoy life! And please tell Monserrate our warmest regards! Yours, Domi & Zainab

You can follow Flo and Eva’s Euro trip at www.dlv.co.at.

Herbie’s Electronic Rust Protection

Our Herbie is protected by RustStop® – an electronic rust protection system we highly recommend since we installed it in the year 2013 while we were on our Africa trip!

Meanwhile Domi ended up selling this unique product together with his friend Friedrich as its European master distributor. And here’s the entire story about this journey…

After we reached the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, the most southwestern point of the African continent, we received an invitation by the fellow travelers Arno and Elize van der Merwe from Mossel Bay. We spent memorable times together.

Arno’s travel companion was a Toyota Hilux named “Bakkie” and Domi wondered about its remarkable good condition. Even though they lived right at the sea, we couldn’t spot any rust on it. Eventually Arno let the cat out of the bag and showed Domi an electronic module called “RustStop®”, which was mounted to the car.

Needless to say that we were eager to get such a device for Herbie too. So we did! While heading East we stopped by the head office of RustStop®, as this is a South African company. They already invented this kind of rust protection system back in the 80ies. Normally Domi would have to polish the chrome parts at least every month in order to avoid rust, especially on the cheap repro bumpers and hub caps. Since RustStop® is installed, Domi has never polished the chrome again. And within two years of driving in various weather conditions we cannot spot any new rust!

So it came to pass that we decided to take this unique product back home and sell it as its European master distributor. And here we are – you can find Domi’s and Friedrich’s RustStop® shop at www.ruststop.at. Look and see yourself!

Herbie: One of the Special Ones

The automotive magazine “Petrolicious” just published an excellent story on Herbie’s World Tour called “Herbie: One of the Special Ones”. Thanks to its writer Brian Garrity!

The article tells about “Jim Douglas Special” or rather Herbie, the Love Bug, as we use to call him and of course the passion of a so-called “Petrolista”. Read the story here!

Happy New Year 2015!

We wish all our followers, friends and family members a Happy New Year 2015!

These are some Christmas presents we got from our best friends and our family.

25 Years Fall of the Wall

On the occasion of the Fall of the Wall 25 years ago we met today to drive our two-stroke cars from the old GDR (German Democratic Republic) around Vienna’s city center.

Due to the collapse of the GDR and the German reunification the era of East German cars ran out as well but there are still some folks driving them through town…

Herbie’s Winter Sleep

As always Herbie served as a daily driver in the summer season. But now the winter is coming and Domi got him ready to hibernate in a little town on the countryside of Austria.

Thanks to our friend Flo, Herbie and the camper found a shelter at his rural property about 120 kilometers northwest of Vienna, where they’ll stay at least until April next year.

Austrian winters are harsh. In order to de-ice the road, they put salt on the streets which causes a lot of corrosion. Therefore people are storing their vintage cars indoors in winter.

Saturday’s Late Summer Ride

On Saturday, the legendary Late Summer Ride 2014 will take place. It is the only vintage Volkswagen and air-cooled Show of Vienna and celebrates its 3rd year of existence.

As a club member of DLV, Herbie will be there as well of course. You can find more information by visiting the website of DLV – Aircooled Community. See you there!

TV Spot with Herbie & Helene Fischer

Volkswagen just released their brand new television commercial with pop star Helene Fischer and our Herbie. Click here or on the picture below to watch the spot!

Herbie Goes Commercial

Herbie just returned from a shooting for a television commercial by Volkswagen.

The Love Bug was picked up by a Volkswagen Amarok pulling a trailer sent by Porsche Austria heading to the Carinthian Wörthersee where the shooting took place.

The Dirtiest Bug in Town

At the “Volkswagen Beetle Show of Stockerau”, arranged by the KDKF Austria,  Domi got the prize for the “dirtiest Bug” as Herbie’s engine compartment is still covered by the red mud of Africa – the award of course should rather honor Herbie’s World Tour.

Georgy, Flo and Domi spent the entire Sunday together – first at the show and later on harvesting cherries at Flo’s place in his native town Gerasdorf, just outside of Vienna.